Following up from our blog post on London’s Real Tech Startups and infographic, today we’re releasing the full list of companies used in our report. In addition to the 250 companies counted in Central London for our report, we have also included all online startups in greater London. This, plus several that have been brought to our attention, takes the number to approximately 330 companies.

Below, you will find a link to each of the tech and online startups in London that are younger than ten years. We’ve also included links to their respective company profiles on Duedil for all companies that are registered in the UK or Ireland.

At the bottom of the list is an interactive map [Note: We’re working on integrating this into our new tumblr, in the meantime here is our London startup map] of London featuring each company on our list, along with all the digital and creative agencies, and their most up-to-date locations. To find a specific company, just type it into the search at the top of the map.

Startup & link to Duedil company profile

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