Whether it’s keeping track of contacts, coming up with ideas under pressure, or just making sure you actually took enough notes in a client meeting, we all need a little help from time to time.

Luckily – you guessed it – there’s an app for that. Here’s a selection of great apps to help you save time, get organised and generally be more productive at work.


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We love business trips, but we hate that feeling of dread when you realise you may have left the receipt for a $3,000 client lunch on the table when you left.

Thankfully Expensify takes the hassle out. Just take a quick picture of any receipts and upload at your leisure. They’ll be securely transferred right to your finance department’s software of choice.


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No one likes paperwork. Every minute you spend filling in forms and filing them is a minute when you could be growing your business.

Powerednow is aimed at the trade and construction industries, but has useful applications for any sector, letting you create template invoices and quotes on the move, as well as organising contacts and meetings. A huge time-saver for anyone who regularly travels for work.


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A very handy visual workflow app, iSnag is designed to help you easily communicate any possible ‘snags’ our project might meet. Users can identify issues, and add video, visuals and notes to help add context and possible solutions. Great for adding structure to open workflows.


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As the name suggests, it’s just very good. Integrated right into your phone’s reminders, Goodtaskapp allows you to add all sorts of details while keeping a clean, easy-to-read interface. Add maps and notes, look up historical tasks, automatically add recurring tasks and more.


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A big upgrade to that notes app on your phone that you never consult. Notefile is still fast and lightweight, but now easily syncs across devices and exports to other apps. It also comes with a built in ‘select to use’ calculator and an easy-on-the-eyes night mode.


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A simple task manager designed specifically to help you get things done. Taasky lets you add tasks to colour-coded sections, then prioritise and give them your entire focus, perfect for the procrastinators among us.


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Add a task, select a reminder date, set a time. So far, so ‘every task manager’. But Zippy comes with a trump card: Analytics. Knowing what you completed and what you missed allows you to easily refocus your efforts, and plan more effectively.


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Great for smaller day-to-day tasks, Finish has a looser approach to scheduling than other to-do apps out there. Set tasks into blocks like ‘1-2 days’ or ‘this week’, and they’ll automatically slide through into new blocks as you approach them. There’s also a very satisfying clicky icon for when you complete a task, giving you that fulfilled feeling that previously only came from marking a big tick on a piece of paper.


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One to do list to rule them all. Omnifocus is a little pricier than the other apps listed here, but it comes dripping with value and features. Sync across all your devices, add tasks anywhere, add attachments, share items, add notes…

This is really a project manager that you can take anywhere, including on your smartwatch, which will even give you a tap when you walk past the shop that stocks that milk you’ve been meaning to pick up.


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At the other end of the spectrum is Focusdots. An elegant little app that uses Pomodero-like timeslots to help you focus on tasks, with clearly marked relaxation breaks in between. Useful for those days when you just need to pile through the paperwork.


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Like your regular calendar app, but much, much faster. Calvetica is an add-on for your Apple calendar, allowing you to add events with two fast taps, and see your whole week or month at a glance, without fiddling around for settings.


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A beautiful, simple time-tracking app, Timely is great for freelancers or project managers. Add tasks, set multiple timers and timescales, share with key collaborators and a whole lot more. All housed in an elegant, easy to use interface.


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Designed to remove the clutter usually associated with to do apps, Gneo has a simple feel but plenty of versatility, letting you reschedule, assign tasks to a range of notebooks, and sync up easily with Evernote for increased functionality.


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Grid has a hipster look to it, but its versatility means it’s great for all kinds of business tasks too. Add an event, add participants who you can communicate with easily, and add records in the form of notes, pictures, lists and more. Ideal for ideation and collaborative, creative projects.


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Popplet has a history as an education app, and while its bright, colourful interface references this, its still a useful and surprisingly powerful ideation and planning tool.

Use Popplet to quickly put together anything from brainstorming sessions to project roadmaps, all easy to edit and share, and available through a desktop or on the go. Ideal when you need to get something down quickly, but need more than simple note-taking.


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If Popplet is just a little too cutesy for you, give Grafio a go instead. Put together neat diagrams and schemes quickly on your phone or tablet. The clean interface means it’s good for mind-mapping, but it’s better for those times when you need a presentation in a hurry.


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Speaking of mind-mapping, let’s finish with a handy on-the-go idea planner. Mindnode is a colourful, fast mind-mapping app that links to an ‘infinite canvas’, meaning you can add as many ideas and notes as you need without ever running out of space.

Again, it works on Mac, iPhone or iPad, it lets you add images and notes easily, and it can be exported as an open file, or even just as an image via Dropbox.

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